Double Girder Warehouse Overhead Crane

Warehouse Overhead Crane

Warehouse overhead crane comes in a number of different shapes and sizes to handle loads of any capacity. It is a safe and reliable industrial tool that is designed to optimize the lifting work in your warehouses and other industrial sites. These cranes can also be custom designed and built to carry extremely large and heavy loads. There are many benefits of employing such overhead bridge crane, such as high efficiency, excellent safety, stable performance and great durability.

Warehouse Crane System

The overhead crane system consists of one or two horizontal beams supported by parallel runways. The hoist or trolley that runs on the bridge girder can be positioned at any point within the rectangle, allowing you to lift and move loads through the entire working areas. The runway beams are mounted to the building columns that allows for horizontal movement of the bridge crane. In short, with these units, the overhead crane in warehouse delivers three types of movement: crane long travel operation, hoist cross travel operation and hoist lifting motion.

Warehouse Overhead Crane for Sale
Warehouse Overhead Crane

AQ-LD single girder overhead crane for warehouse parameters:

  • Load capacity: 1-20t
  • Span: 7.5-28.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-18m
  • Lifting speed: 0.8/5m/min
  • Hoist running speed: 2-20m/min
  • Crane running speed: 3-30m/min
  • Work duty: A5

Warehouse Overhead Crane for Sale
AQ-HD Warehouse Overhead Crane

AQ-HD warehouse overhead crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 1-20t
  • Span: 7.5-28.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-18m
  • Lifting speed: 0.8/5m/min
  • Hoist running speed: 2-20m/min
  • Crane running speed: 3-30m/min
  • Work duty: A5

Double Girder Warehouse Overhead Crane
AQ-QD Double Girder Overhead Crane

AQ-QD double girder overhead crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 5-450t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-24m
  • Lifting speed: 2.1-11.5m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 27-40m/min
  • Crane running speed: 42-75m/min
  • Work duty: A3-A7

Electric Hoist Overhead Crane for Sale
AQ-LH Electric Hoist Overhead Crane for Warehouse

AQ-LH electric hoist overhead crane parameters:

  • Load capacity: 5-50t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5 m
  • Lifting height: 6-30m
  • Lifting speed: 0.18-8m/min
  • Trolley running speed: 20m/min
  • Crane running speed: 20m/min
  • Work duty: A3, A4

The three directions of crane motion can be controlled from the ground by means of a push button pendant system or wireless remote control, or within the cabin that utilizes at least one co-worker on the ground to assist the operation work.

Whether you are in need of an entire overhead crane system or some spare parts, we can provide you with quality products to improve the operation of your plants.

Which Type of Crane Do You Need?

Our warehouse overhead cranes fall in different configurations, including single girder, double girder, top running and under running system. We also offer other type of overhead cranes to serve various working situations, such as explosion proof bridge crane, grab bucket overhead crane, overhead casting crane and electromagnetic overhead crane.

  • Single girder crane – It is the basic form of overhead lifting system featuring a single beam. This type of crane typically handles loads not more than 25 tons.
  • Double girder crane – It is engineered for higher capacities, usually going up to 450 tons. The double beam crane also provides greater efficiency and lifting speed than a single girder crane.
  • Top running crane – It is a standard overhead crane in most projects, which is capable of handling small to extremely large loads. The beam of this crane rides on top of the runway beams.
  • Underhung crane – As opposite of top running system, the crane is hung below the runway beams which are supported from the building roof structure.

Each type of overhead crane is designed for specific uses. You can only determine a proper selection once specifying your lifting requirements and environmental conditions.

Warehouse With Overhead Crane Design

With our excellent technical team, we are able to design the perfect solution to match your business demand. We also supply steel structure for warehouse, workshop and other industrial buildings to customers if they are considering constructing their own facilities.

When it comes to overhead bridge crane design, there are a few factors you need to take into account, including the type of crane you need, the span of overhead crane, the rated load capacity, duty cycle, operating environment and building structural requirements.

If you are building a new facility where the overhead crane is installed, the crane runway beams are usually installed during the construction process. However, if your crane needs to fit a pre-existing building, the runway design and installation should be considered in the selection process. For more details, consult our experts online!

How Much Does A Warehouse Overhead Crane Cost?

Each of our overhead warehouse crane is built to complete your tasks in hand quickly and efficiently. It is also extremely versatile that can be assembled with many adaptable parts to suit customer’s requirements. Made of high quality materials, our warehouse bridge crane can work for decades, making it the most popular and cost-effective lifting tool in many plants.

Warehouse overhead crane price can vary largely according to the crane configuration you choose and other design options. At AICRANE, you can find the most economical and suitable warehouse overhead crane for your application. To receive a free quotation, get in touch with us online!

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