Types of Gantry Cranes

The gantry crane is improved on the basis of the bridge crane. It has legs installed at the two ends of the main beam, commonly used for outdoor cargo handling. Gantry crane models include MH, BMH, MG, BMG , MG(U), etc. There are many types of gantry cranes, which can be divided into different categories according to different standards.

Classification of Gantry Cranes

  1. Different gantry frame structure

According to the different form of the gantry frame, it can be divided into full gantry crane, semi gantry crane, cantilever gantry crane, etc. The cantilever refers to the part of the main beam that protrudes outside the legs, which does not exceed one third of the inner side of the main beam.

  1. Different forms of main beam

According to the form of main beam, it can be divided into single beam gantry crane and double beam gantry crane.

The single beam gantry crane has only one girder beam, and the box structure is more often used. Compared with the double main beam gantry crane, the crane is less expensive and has simple structure. This crane is generally used in the occasion where the load capacity is below 20t.

The double beam gantry crane has strong bearing capacity, large span, good overall stability, and many varieties, which is recommended for heavier-duty applications.

Types of Gantry Cranes
Types of Gantry Cranes
  1. The structure of the main beam

According to the main beam structure, it can be divided into box type and truss type.

The box-type gantry crane uses steel plates welded into a box structure, which has the characteristics of high safety and high rigidity.

The truss structure is welded with angle steel or I-beam, which has the advantages of low cost, light weight and good wind resistance.

  1. Different uses

According to the use, it can be divided into general gantry crane, shipbuilding gantry crane, container gantry crane, gantry crane for hydropower station, etc.

General gantry crane is the most versatile. It can handle various materials or loads, with lifting capacity up to several hundred tons. The gantry cranes can be equipped with different picking devices, including hook, grab, electromagnetic chuck, etc.

The shipbuilding gantry crane is used to assemble the hull, and there are often two lifting trolleys: one has two main hooks, which runs on the rail of the upper flange of the bridge; the other has a main hook and a sub hook, running on the rail of the lower flange of the bridge in order to flip and hoist large hull sections.

Container gantry cranes are used to stack containers or load and transport them away at container terminals, thus speeding up the turnover of container carriers or other cranes. The container crane has two types: rail mounted and rubber tyred type.

Gantry crane for hydropower station is mainly used for lifting, opening and closing gates, and can also be used for installation work.

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