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Truss Gantry Crane

Truss Gantry Crane Manufacturer
Truss Gantry Crane

Product Type: Truss Gantry Crane
Lifting Capacity: 3.2t~20t
Span: 12~30m
Lifting Height: 6~12m
Working Class: A3~A4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

Truss gantry crane can be extensively found in a variety of fields and sectors to accomplish small to heavy duty lifting work. It is distinguished by the fact that it is built with truss girder so as to prevent the attack of strong winds and storms. According to the girder construction, the crane can be classified into single girder and double girder. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages with respect to the crane capacity, lifting speed and working efficiency.

Different Types of Truss Gantry Crane for Your Needs

The truss crane falls in two main configurations, single beam and double beam.

  • Single girder truss gantry crane

The single girder crane is designed to perform low-speed and light-duty lifting work with capacity ranging from 3.2 to 20 tons. It is generally equipped with AQ-CD1/AQ-MD1 electric hoist that runs along the main bridge girder. This sort of gantry lifting equipment features simple structure, light dead weight, easy fabrication and installation.

  • Double girder truss gantry crane

The double girder crane is engineered for heavy-duty lifting requirements and is capable of handling heavy loads in a range of 5 tons to 200 tons. The crane is usually fitted with standard hoist trolley that delivers high lifting speed and large carrying capacity.

Single Girder Truss Gantry Crane for Sale
Single Girder Truss Gantry Crane

Double Beam Truss Gantry Crane
Double Beam Truss Gantry Crane

Benefits of Employing A Truss Type Gantry Crane

  1. As truss structure delivers small windward area, the gantry crane has excellent wind resistance in strong wind areas.
  2. It has light dead weight and large hook coverage.
  3. The crane with truss is easy to install and maintain.
  4. The crane can be operated easily and safely.
  5. It can move with low noise and power consumption.

Metal Structure Design

Gantry crane metal structure mainly consists of the main beam, end beam, supporting legs and end carriages. It has lighter weight than box girder crane. The overall size of gantry crane steel structure is determined by span length, main beam height, cantilever length, wheelbase of trolley and crane running mechanism and so on.

Truss girder: Regarding the truss girder design, there are light-duty and heavy-duty truss that can be constructed to your crane. Additionally, the metal structure of the cranes can be designed with or without cantilevers.

Supporting legs: the crane is normally built with two rigid legs. However, when the crane span is larger than 35m, the gantry crane will be engineered with one rigid leg and one flexible leg.

Truss Gantry Cranes for Sale
Truss Gantry Cranes for Sale

How to Operate A Truss Gantry Crane?

The gantry crane can be operated by means of wired pendant control, wireless remote control and cabin control. The operation modes are largely determined by the crane carrying capacity, environmental conditions, convenience of use and safety. The gantry crane control system can ensure excellent safety for lifting operations. To learn more about crane control system, talk to our experienced engineers online now.

Truss Gantry Crane Design

We provide a range of standard truss gantry cranes with multiple configurations to suit different needs and working situations. If the given technical parameters cannot suit your requirements, we are also able to design a custom solution with the aid of our excellent technical team.

We are experienced and trusted overhead and gantry crane manufacturer and supplier in China that provide high quality products and reliable services for customers. We are responsible for the crane design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and maintenance and dedicated to solving any problem you have with material handling. To know more about truss gantry crane, contact us online today!

Technical Parameter:

Technical Parameter of Single Girder Truss Gantry Crane
Capacity t 3.2 5 10 16 20
Span S(m) 12~30 12~30 12~30 12~30 12~30
Lifting height m 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12
Lifting speed m/min 0.8/8 0.8/8 0.7/7 0.66/6.6 0.33/3.3
Trolley speed m/min 2~20 2~20 2~20 2~20 2~20
Crane speed m/min 3~30 3~30 3~30 3~30 3~30
Work duty A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4 A3~A4
Track type P24 P38 P24 P38 P38 P43 P38 P43 P43

Technical Parameter of Double Girder Truss Gantry Crane
Capacity t 5 10 16 20 32
Span S(m) 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35
Lifting height m 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12
Lifting speed m/min 12.5 8.5 7.9 7.2 7.5
Trolley speed m/min 37.2 43.8 44.1 44.6 42.4
Crane speed m/min 37.7 37.7 40.1 40.1 38
Work duty A5 A5 A5 A5 A5
Track type P43 P43 P43 QU70 P50 QU80
Capacity t 50 75 100 160 200
Span S(m) 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35
Lifting height m 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12
Lifting speed m/min 5.9 4.7 3.9 3.5 3.5
Trolley speed m/min 38.5 38.2 33.9 22.5 2.9~29
Crane speed m/min 44 38.3 3.23~32.3 2.8~28 2.8~28
Work duty A5 A5 A5 A5 A5
Track type QU80 QU80 QU100 QU100 QU100

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