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Steel structure is an economical building form that can be adapted to various applications, such as workshop, warehouse, shed, shop and office building. It serves as the main load bearing member of steel construction buildings. Our structural steel is made of high quality materials so that it can last for decades. This form of structures can be designed into any size and shape to accommodate your overhead crane configurations.

Steel Structure Manufacturer
Steel Structure for Sale

Types of Steel Structure Buildings

We provide different types of steel structure building to meet your business demands. It can be classified into steel structure workshop, warehouse, shed and shop according to the building form, light steel structure and heavy steel structure according the type of structural steels.

If you are looking for a cost-effective building form, just think about steel frame construction. It can be applied in almost all types of industrial building construction meant for the utmost cost effectiveness and durability.

Design of Steel Structures

Our steel buildings will be designed and built according to customer’s requirements, such as the required building dimension, rated load capacity of overhead travelling crane and seismic rating.

The frame structure is mainly composed of columns and beams which are made of Q345B steel materials.

The secondary structure is meant for bracing, wall and roof panels, purlin. The bracing systems utilizes angle steel. The panels use 0.5mm or 0.6mm single color sheet or sandwich panel, and the purlin adopts C or Z section.

Each of our industrial steel building is tailored to meet the applicable specifications of a project along with maximum efficiency, durable performance and quality standards.

Steel Frame Construction
Steel Frame Construction

Structural Steel Building
Structural Steel Building

Great Features of Steel Frame Construction

  1. One of the most remarkable advantages is fast and easy construction since all components will be prefabricated in the manufacturer’s factory and then assembled in the construction site.
  2. Cost savings. The structural steel building helps save a great deal of costs for many project owners in materials, design, fabrication and erection. It also requires little maintenance compared to concrete building form.
  3. Great rigidity and long service life. The steel structures of building from our company can be designed according to the wind and snow loading conditions in the local areas so as to provide better resistance to hash environments, such as strong winds, heavy snow and earthquakes.
  4. Environmental friendly. The steel materials are harmless to the environments and they can also be recycled.
  5. Flexible construction. It is easy to modify in the construction process.

What Is Steel Structure?

Steel structure is made of various structural steel components connected with each other to bear the loads. It provides reliable and durable performance due to the high strength steel.

The structural steel, a sort of steel construction materials, can be fabricated into any shaped and size to meet different uses. The common shapes fall in I-beam, Z-shape, HSS-shape, C-beam, angles, bar, channels and plate. In modern construction, it is found in almost every type of building structure working together with other construction materials so as to create the most effective structure.

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