Overhead Crane Types

Overhead cranes can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment. The cranes are available in a range of types and configurations to meet all kinds of lifting requirements in your facility, maximizing your work efficiency and safety.

Different Types of Overhead Cranes for Sale

Ordinary overhead crane

Ordinary overhead crane refers to a general-purpose bridge crane that works in a general environment. It is generally composed of a crane trolley, a bridge running mechanism, and a bridge metal structure. The hoist trolley is composed of a lifting mechanism, a trolley running mechanism and a trolley frame.

The following types of cranes are all general overhead cranes:

  • Hook bridge crane

Hook bridge crane uses a hook as the lifting device. Generally, overhead cranes with rated lifting capacity less than 10 tons are equipped with one lifting mechanism, and cranes more than 16 tons are equipped with the main and auxiliary lifting mechanisms. This type of crane can load and unload materials in a wide variety of operating environments.

  • Grab overhead crane

Grab overhead crane is mainly used for handling bulk materials, such as scrap steel, garbage, sand, soil ,etc. The picking device is a grab bucket.

  • Electromagnetic overhead crane

Electromagnetic crane is mainly used for lifting and moving magnetic ferrous metal and its products. The picking device is an electromagnetic chuck.

  • Dual-purpose overheadcrane

Dual-purpose overhead crane can be used for different purposes. There are three types: grab hook overhead crane, electromagnetic hook overhead crane, and grab electromagnetic overhead crane. The crane is designed with two sets of independent lifting mechanisms on one trolley.

  • Three-purpose overheadcrane

It is a multi-purpose overhead crane, which can use the hook to lift heavy objects, or grab bucket or electromagnetic chuck attached on the hook to handle various materials. This crane is suitable for places where the picking device need to be frequently changed.

  • Double trolley overhead crane

Double trolley overhead crane is ideal for handling long pieces of items. There are two trolleys with the same lifting capacity on the bridge.

Overhead Cranes for Sale
Overhead Cranes

Explosion proof overhead crane

Explosion proof overhead crane is used to lift materials in explosive gas environments. Explosion-proof measures are taken in the motor, electrical parts and mechanical parts such as metal contact surfaces to ensure safety in the explosive environments. The crane can be divided into two types according to explosion-proof categories:

  • Explosion-proof bridge crane for coal mine:

The crane should have a coal safety certificate (MA certification), used in the ground part of the coal mine and the non-mining face part below the mine.

  • Explosion-proof bridge crane for factory:

The crane should have the explosion-proof certificate issued by the National Testing Center, mainly used in places with flammable gas or mixture.

Metallurgical overhead crane

Metallurgical overhead crane can participate in specific process operations during the production of steel. Its basic structure is similar to ordinary overhead cranes, except for that the special working mechanisms or devices are installed on the crane trolley. This crane has high working level and can withstand harsh working conditions.

Which Type of Overhead Crane Is Right for You?

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