How to Operate Overhead Crane

Overhead crane is a sort of heavy lifting equipment commonly used in workshops, warehouses, etc. The operation mode of the overhead bridge crane can be divided into ground operation and cab operation. The ground operation includes pendant control and wireless remote control. These operating methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Pendant control: the operator follows the crane to control driving, and can also hang objects. It is easy to operate and cost-saving. The disadvantage is that it is more dangerous for people to walk with hanging objects.

Wireless remote control: it is not necessary to follow the crane when lifting larger and more dangerous goods, so it is much safer than pendant operated overhead crane. The disadvantage is that the field of view is limited.

Cab control: it requires a driver sitting in the cabin to operate the crane and provides a broader view. However, the operation should be done by a dedicated person and requires cooperation with ground personnel.

Generally, single girder overhead crane is relatively simple, so it uses the ground operation mode, and the remote control operation mode is increasingly used. Many double girder overhead cranes for heavy duty applications adopt cab control for more efficient and safer operation.

The specific operation method to be used should be determined according to the application and  customer requirements.

How to Operate the Overhead Crane Efficiently And Safely

As long as the crane operator strictly abides by various rules and regulations, and observes the following five points, the efficiency and safety in the operation process can be ensured.

  1. Stable operation

During the operation of the crane, the driver must ensure that the starting and braking are stable, and the hooks, lifting devices and lifting objects do not swing.

  1. Accurate positioning

On the basis of stable operation, the hooks, lifting devices and hanging objects should be accurately positioned.

  1. High efficiency

On the basis of stability and accuracy, coordinate the actions of the corresponding mechanisms and shorten the working cycle time to ensure that the crane works continuously and improve production efficiency.

  1. Safe operation

Strictly implement the crane safety technical operation rules in operation to avoid personal and equipment accidents.

  1. Reasonable control

On the basis of understanding the performance of the crane and the mechanical characteristics of the motor, and also the specific conditions of the hanging object, the controller can be correctly manipulated and reasonably controlled.

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