About Dafang Company

About Dafang

Henan Dafang Heavy Machine Co.,Ltd. is a crane manufacturer with well-equipped testing equipment (Non-destructive inspection, metallographic analysis, Hardness inspection, Mechanics Inspection, Chemical Inspection) and advanced production equipment (1500t Pressure groove machine, Shot blasting machine,Plasma cutting machine, Submerged welding machine, Boring mill).

Manufacture license has covered all types of cranes, include gantry crane, semi gantry crane, overhead crane, jib crane, electric hoists, cast crane, engineer crane, and beam launcher etc.

With its large plant area, complete production types, faster delivery speed and good cost performance, Dafang Crane has become one of the most competitive crane manufacture enterprises in the domestic and abroad crane industry.

Dafang Factory
Dafang Factory

Dafang Advantage

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Design Capabilities

  • Customized design to meet various working conditions, Drawings provided within 2 working days.
  • 300 technical R&D team
  • Intelligent Products: Low-emission unmanned overhead cranes, Battery electric flat cart, Fully automatic unattended slag grab,AGV carts,wellhead double-beam cantilever crane,etc.

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Products Performance

  • Pre-processed of steel plate, Shot blasting completely, marking system used in inner steam, improve the welding quality and welding normative.
  • Lightweight design under the premise of safety, long service life.
  • Pre-connected for electrical parts, Bolts in place, Easy to operation and installation.

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Testing Center

  • Non-destructive Inspection Room: Ultrasonic defect detector; Magnetic particle defect detector.
  • Mechanics Inspection and Chemical Inspection Room: Universal testing machine and impact testing.
  • Metallographic Analysis and Hardness Inspection Room: 400 times metallographic microscope and rockwell hardness tester.

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Quality Assurance

  • Random inspection before raw materials productions.
  • Track every production process by QC department.
  • Transfer to next step after qualified Counts and checks before delivery,to ensure high quality goods to customers.

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Service and Maintenance

  • Plenty matched spare parts in stock, We can provide the crane parts you need when you need them.
  • If client need, installation engineer will departure to field installation and commissioning within 48 hours.

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  • Allow to deliver by bulk, by container, or any other ways suitable.
  • Electric parts are packed by plywood crate to reduce distortion in conveying.
  • Quality Test Department will supervise of load in case leave out any goods.

Workshop & Equipment Gallery

Dafang Workshop