1 Ton Overhead Crane

1 Ton Overhead Crane

1 Ton Overhead Crane
1 Ton Overhead Crane

Product Type: Single Girder 1 Ton Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity: 1t
Span: 7.5~28.5m
Lifting Height: 6~18m
Working Class: A3~A4
Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃

1 ton overhead crane is a sort of small overhead lifting equipment designed for infrequent and light duty service. It typically comes in single girder construction and is equipped with CD or MD electric hoist. The design features of overhead crane 1 ton can vary widely according to the type of load to be lifted, working environments, facility conditions and operating regimes.

Multiple Configurations of 1 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale

1 ton overhead bridge crane generally falls in two main configurations, top running and under running.

  • Top running crane

It is the most common form of overhead bridge crane that is supported by either building columns or engineered columns. The top running overhead crane travels on top of rails mounted on runway beam.

  • Under running crane

It is also known as underhung or suspension crane since it is supported from the building roof structure and travels on the bottom flange of runway beam. The crane is specifically designed to maximize headroom. Underhung bridge crane is ideal for situations where the building height is inadequate or there are no columns inside the facility.

The 1 ton bridge crane can also be built with free standing structure to meet your needs. Additionally, a variety of lifting attachments are available to be fitted with your crane, such as hook, grab bucket and electromagnetic chuck.

Top Running Overhead Crane
Top Running Overhead Crane

Underhung Crane
Underhung Crane

Features of 1 Ton Overhead Crane

  1. Light dead weight and small wheel pressure.
  2. Easy to use, simple to install and maintain.
  3. Compact structure and good rigidity.
  4. Low noise and little pollution
  5. Excellent safety and reliability

1 Ton Overhead Bridge Crane Options

We offer a number of crane options to meet your lifting requirements, including:

Crane metal structure: elevated runway beam or free standing structure

Long travel operation: electric

Hoisting mechanism: CD or MD electric hoist, European standard hoist

Environments: machine shop, warehouse, storage yard, chemical plant, steel mill, powerhouse, repair shop, etc.

Control mode: pendant control or wireless remote control

Accessories: lights, limit switches, warning horns, etc.

Overhead Crane With Chain Hoist
Overhead Crane With Chain Hoist

Single Girder Crane End Beam
Single Girder Crane End Beam

Essential Parameters for Specifying Your 1 Ton Overhead Cranes

To select a proper lifting solution for your plants, you should specify several essential parameters of the crane, including light height, span, lifting speed, runway height and length, clearance, hook approach, electrical requirements and control requirements. And also some specific conditions must be taken into consideration, such as environmental conditions and safety precautions.

If you are not sure which form of overhead crane can work for you, please feel free to contact us online and discuss your lifting requirements with our experts. Our excellent technical team will design the most economical and efficient solutions for your businesses.

Why Choose Dafang 1 Ton Overhead Crane?

Dafang group is a well-experienced lifting equipment manufacturer and supplier. When you buy an overhead crane from us, you can benefit a lot ranging from the crane design, manufacture to delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Whatever your applications, our overhead cranes will be designed and built for the utmost efficiency, safety and reliability. Want to know 1 ton overhead crane cost? call us now!

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